WKB Lecture 1

This lecture introductes the basic principle behind the mathematics of the WKB approximation. The first file is a powerpoint file that introduces the history of the WKB approximation and qualitatively describes how things work. This was presented at the start of the lecture.

  • Introductory Material (pdf | powerpoint)
  • Mathematics of the WKB approximation including worked example for \(V(x)=-e^{2x}\) (handout from the lecture). In the lecture the boxes were left blank to be completed. – This version can be found here.
    – The notes with the boxes completed can be found here.
  • Maple worksheet (right click and save as) for \(V(x)=-e^{2x}\) – shows the analytic solution in terms of Bessel functions and the approximate solution from the WKB method.


The first assignment for this module is available here.

The solutions can be found here.

Reading material for this lecture

M. H. Holmes – Introduction to Perturbation Methods, Springer-Verlag. Pages 161-165 (for version ISBN 0-387-94204-3).