Lecture 3 – Particle in an infinite potential well

This lecture of introductory quantum mechanics introduces the famous particle in an infinitely steep potential well. Introductory concepts, such as; solving the Schrödinger equation; the wavefunction; eigenvalues and eigenfunctions; and the concept of discrete energy levels are introduced. These introductory concepts are key to understanding more important examples in quantum mechanics, such as, the energy levels of an atom.

The handout for the lecture is available here in pdf format.
The handout with completed sections is also available here.


The first assignment for this module is available here.

Reading material for this lecture

A. I. M. Rau – Quantum Mechanics, IOP Publishing. Chapter 2, sections 2.1-2.4, pages 15-25 (in 3rd edition). Available at Adsetts Library  530.12 RA – LEVEL 5 (see this link for availability).