New COST Action on Ultrafast opto-magneto-electronics

The European Union have recently announced a new COST action entitled “Ultrafast opto-magneto-electronics for non-dissipative information technology” (MAGNETOFON). COST actions are networking instruments for researchers, engineers and scholars to cooperate and coordinate nationally funded research activities allowing researchers to develop ideas in a given area. This particular action aims at brining together researchers across Europe working in the areas of ultrafast spin dynamics, spintronics, magnonics, photonics and advanced spectroscopy. Proposed by Andrei Kirilyuk at Radbound University and was supported by researchers across 8 EU member states and 3 near neighbours. The details of the committee members representing the interests of the member countries is here.

The aim of the action is to initiate breakthroughs in the field of low-dissipative opto-magnetism by encouraging networking and training a new generation of scientists working in these fields. COST provides funding for networking activities, such as short term scientific missions, organising conferences, meetings and training schools.

More information is available at the COST website for MAGNETOFON –