List of Publications

Below is a list of publications (and theses) of the group organised by year. If you would like a preprint of any of the articles or any further information please send an email. The email address is available here.

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Preprints/Submitted/In Preparation/In Press

[Submitted] Role of Element-Specific Damping on the Ultrafast, Helicity-Independent All-Optical Switching Dynamics in Amorphous (Gd, Tb) Co Thin Films. arXiv: 1911.09803 (read more).

[In Preparation] Unifying femtosecond and picosecond single-pulse magnetic switching in GdFeCo. arXiv: 2004.14844v1 (read more).

[In Preparation] The Role of Ballistic Magnons in Ultrafast Magnetisation Switching.


[29] – Atomistic study on the pressure dependence of the melting point of NdFe12. (Open Access) AIP Advances, 10(2):025130-025130 01 (2020). (read more).


[28] – The Effect of Interstitial Nitrogen Addition on the Structural Properties of Supercells of NdFe12−xTix. IEEE Transactions on Magnetics (2019), 55, 10 (2019). (read more).

[27] – Spin-current-mediated rapid magnon localisation and coalescence after ultrafast optical pumping of ferrimagnetic alloys (Open Access). Nature Communications, 10, 1756 (2019). (read more).

[26] – Optical Receiver with Helicity Dependent Switching of Magnetization. IEEE Transactions on Magnetics55, Issue 1 (2019). (read more), arXiv version available here.


[25] – Ultrafast double magnetization switching in GdFeCo with two picosecond-delayed fs pump pulses, Applied Physics Letters, 113, 062402 (2018). (read more).

[24] – Roles of heating and helicity in ultrafast all-optical magnetization  switching in TbFeCo. Applied Physics Letters, 113, 032405 (2018). (read more), arXiv version available here (read more).

[23] – Probability distribution of substituted Titanium in RT12 (R = Nd, Sm, T = Fe, Co) structures. IEEE Transactions on Magnetics, 54, Issue 11 (2018). (read more), arXiv version available here.

[22] – Competition of lattice and spin excitations in the temperature dependence of spinwave stiffness. Physical Review B, 97, 214417 (2018). (read more).

[21] – Site-resolved contributions to the magnetic anisotropy energy and complex spin structure of Fe/MgO sandwiches. Physical Review Applied, 9, 054048 (2018). (read more).

[20] – A multiscale model of the effect of Ir thickness on the static and dynamic properties of Fe/Ir/Fe films. (Open Access) Scientific Reports8, 3879 (2018). (read more). The pdf is free to download here.  Read the blog post here.


[19] – Conditions for thermally-induced all-optical switching in ferrimagnetic alloys: modeling of  TbCo. Physical Review B, 96, 014409 (2017). (read more)

[18] – Substrate Induced Strain Field in FeRh Epilayers Grown on Single Crystal MgO (001) Substrates. (Open Access) Scientific Reports, 7, 44397 (2017). (read more).

[17] – Modelling and Experiments of the Effects of Interfaces on the Phase Transition in FeRh. Physical Review B95, 064415 (2017). (read more).


[16]- Effects of Interactions on the Relaxation Processes in Magnetic Nanostructures. Physical Review B94,  134431 (2016). (read more). Read the blog post here.

[15] – Thermally induced magnetization switching in Gd/Fe multilayers. Physical Review B93, 054302 (2016). (read more).


[14] – Optimal electron, phonon and magnetic characteristics for ultra-low energy thermally induced magnetization switching. Applied Physics Letters, 107, 192402 (2015). (read more).

[13] – Ultrafast and Distinct Spin Dynamics in Magnetic Alloys. (Open Access) SPIN, 5, No. 3 (2015). (read more) selected as the front cover highlight of the issue. Blog post here.

[12] – Strain Induced Vortex Core Dynamics in Planar Magnetostrictive Nanostructures. (Open Access) Physical Review Letters, 115, 067202 (2015). (read more). Blog post and movie here.

[11] – The Landau-Lifshitz Equation in Atomistic Models. Low Temperature Physics/Fizika Nizkikh Temperatur, 41, N 9, pages 908-916 (Sept 2015). (read more Russian/read more English). arXiv version available here.


[10] – Laser Induced Magnetization Reversal for Detection in Optical Interconnects. IEEE Electron Device Letters, 35, 1317-1319 (2014). (read more). Blog post here.

[9] – Temperature Dependent Ferromagnetic Resonance via the Landau-Lifshitz-Bloch Equation: Application to FePt. Physical Review B90, 094402 (2014). (read more). Blog post here.

[8] – Ultrafast Thermally Induced Magnetic Switching in Synthetic Ferrimagnets, Applied Physics Letters104, 082410 (2014). (read more)

[7] – VAMPIRE: Atomistic Spin Model Simulations of Magnetic Nanomaterials, Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter, 26, 103202 (2014). (read more) Selected as a J. Phys: Cond Mat highlight of 2014.


[6] – Two magnon bound state causes ultrafast thermally induced magnetisation switching. (Open Access) Nature Scientific Reports, 3, 3262 (2013). (read more). Blog post here.

[5] – Ultrafast Dynamical Path for the Switching of a Ferrimagnet After Femtosecond Heating. Physical Review B87, 224417 (2013). (read more). Blog post here.

[PHD THESIS] – Computer Simulations of Ultrafast Magnetization Reversal. Ph.D Thesis (2013). Download here or access it at the White Rose Ethesis Online Server via this link. (read more)


[4] – Classical Spin Model of the Relaxation Dynamics of Rare-Earth Doped Permalloy. Physical Review B86, 174418 (2012). (read more). Blog post here.

[3] – Ultrafast Heating as a Sufficient Stimulus for Magnetization Reversal. Nature Communications3, 666 (2012). (read more). Technology highlight for the Daily Mail Online. Blog post here.


[2] – Crystallographically Amorphous Ferrimagnetic Alloys: Comparing a Localized Atomistic Spin Model with Experiments. Physical Review B84, 024407 (2011). (read more)

[1] – Transient Ferromagnetic-like State Mediating Ultrafast Reversal of Antiferromagnetically Coupled Spins. Nature, 472, 205-208 (2011). (read more) Selected for the virtual journal of ultrafast science and covered in the Dutch national press.