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Installing Rasmol on OS X (10.8.5)

I am used to using rasmol for quick viewing of atomic positions. For example to check that my system generation creates an fcc structure with two layers, one with Nickel and one Iron:

Screen Shot 2013-12-03 at 18.35.58

To avoid compiling the binary from source there are a number of pre-compliled binaries for different platforms available here. My aim was to install a working version to /usr/local/ on the mac filesystem. I went for a filetype that had a name like:


This should run on a mac with an intel chip (I hope). Download this and untar it. Once it has been untarred upen up a terminal and move into the newly unpacked directory. In the terminal you can do this by downloading the file to, for example, /Users/username/Downloads, where you put your username in <username>. Then change to that directory and untar the file.

This made a directory called RasMol_2_7_5_i386_OSX_21Jul09, change to that directory.

install to /usr/local/ by running the file with the path prefix as /usr/local

It will ask you if this is where you want to put the bin and lib directories. Hit ‘y’ twice and enter. From a terminal you should be able to call rasmol now as /usr/local/bin should be in the executable path.